Reaching out and choosing life

Thanks to the brave and lonely woman who just reached out to me. It always makes me think deeply about the choices I and so many other women have made when someone tells it like it is. So to you my lonely friend – if it is not worth the waiting, you are not happy, he is not happy working away and you are both miserable what alternatives are available to you? Can you move, change locations and start a fresh – together?

Choice is such a frightening thing that often we choose not to make it. I watched this Ted talk the other day and it really made me think about the choices or lack there of I make in life. Have we become a culture so steeped in choices that we don’t chose to make many any more and therefore just drift along?

Check out Renata Salecl Our unhealthy relationship to choice  on Ted Talks. – See if it makes you think about choices and the ones we need to make. If FIFO is not working choose to talk about it with your man. Choose to talk about it to someone. Choose to seek out a professional. Choose to make a choice about your life and the way you live it. Choose life. Choose.

What choices have you made lately? Did they challenge your way of life? What have you learned about choice and the FIFO life?



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