Brisbane FIFOconnections christmas party


When people make life work for themselves by opening up and sharing what they need and what they want they end up helping not only themselves but others as well. An essential element of sharing is being open and vulnerable.  Being open and vulnerable in particular can be quite difficult if it is new or if you feel you SHOULD be able to cope or do it all on your own. However it’s funny what happens when you do put yourself out there, Ironically,   if you begin to open up and be a little vulnerable by asking for what you need or sharing authentically about how you feel it gets easier and easier the more you do it.

Not only does it get easier to share it gets easier to ask for help. We all need to ask for help when we need it and sometimes even when we don’t. Sometimes helping someone else gives another person more joy than you can imagine. Random acts of kindness or help are good for people and good for the soul. Across our community we need to help each other out more often but particularly we need to help out more in the FIFO community when there are so many people trying to do too much on their own.

One person who has asked for some help lately is Beck Meade. She has started FIFOconnections to bring together FIFO people in the Brisbane area. Beck has contacted me several time and shared ideas and thoughts about FIFO life. Today I’m helping to spread the word about FIFO connections and the good work they are doing to support FIFO families in the Brisbane area. In particular I want to share some information and to let you know that they are hosting a FIFO connections Christmas party on Sunday 1st December. I understand that this is a free event and all Beck needs is for any interested FIFO family members or workers to contact her so they can cater for the numbers.

Sounds like the kind of sharing experience we all need. Check out their website or facebook connection below for details.

A message from Beck at FIFO connections – FIFO Connections family Christmas party is next Sunday, the 1st of December, in Brisbane. We extend a warm welcome to all FIFO fly in fly out worker’s, Spouses, their families and of course your FIFO worker if they are home.
As this is a catered event we request that any family wanting to come along please RSVP via the events tab in
My family looks forward to celebrating the start of the festive season with yours xx

Have you helped someone lately? If so why and how did it feel? Could we give out less presents this Christmas and more random acts of kindness instead?


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