Retention Rates new Research out of University of Queensland

The Centre for the Social Responsibility in Mining has recently published the findings of a research project undertaken by the University of Queensland. The study surveyed 286 FIFO workers employed in the Resources sector. 40% of the respondents were women, 70% had university degrees and of this small, well educated cohort a whopping 70% said they would probably change jobs in the next 12 month period!

What is most interesting about the findings is that the majority of the respondents reported that they were happy with their work environment and their roles. They were on the main happy with their accommodation and in general the roster or swing that they currently worked. So why then would 70% change jobs within the next 12 months?

They mentioned – More privacy for after hours down time, Better internet and telephone access, career advancement, better or shorter rosters and for some more money – as the main reasons why they would change jobs within the next year.

These findings echo a newspaper report only last week that suggested the privacy, down time space and an ability to communicate with loved ones ALONE was the biggest issue for most FIFO workers.


Surely with the national broadband network weaving its way around the country we could make these FIFO work sites more fully internet and or phone accessible. Or perhaps, resources companies could do their part to make this small thing (access to home base) easier for the FIFO workers and in doing so save themselves and the industry millions of dollars that is currently spent on facilitating job changes.

The extensive report

Factors Linked to the well-being of Fly-In-Fly-Out (FIFO) workers

is a welcome addition to the research on and about FIFO workers in Australia.

Have you changed FIFO work lately? What are the factors that drove your change? What do you think are the main issues for FIFO workers and their families? Let me know so I can continue to explore these important issues. Thanks



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