Back on home soil to ………………

Having arrived back home just on a week ago it has been interesting to see how long it has taken to get back into a routine. School holidays aside this readjustment process has set me thinking about trying to plan out things a little better so that my next trip away is not quite so disruptive to my family and the domestic life. Aside from the usual backlog of washing, emails and the telephone messages I had some serious catching up to do on an emotional level. My children and my partner were all needing their share but particularly the kids. I was tired, overwhelmed and within a short while after hoping off the plane I was literally swatting them off me.


This did not suit the perfect homecoming picture I had imagined on my flight home and until I’d slept well and settled down I felt like an uncomfortable stranger in my own house.

I share this today as  a return post as I need to know how families who live through extended periods apart actually do the re connecting bit successfully. What are the processes and procedures that you and your partner have developed to get through the re entry 24hours?

I need to know and wonder if a FIFO regular has it down to a fine art/routine that works each time. I’m sure the answer differs slightly for each person depending on their levels of intimacy and number of children but the optimist in me thinks there must be a clear set of universal principles. So what are they? What has made your re-connection back into the home a successful one – time and time again? How have you managed to give your children the love and attention they needed all at once and within the time frame they think is workable.( My four nearly knocked me over – literally- in their fight to get to me first!) How have you made your connection to your beloved and/or  how is it for you to feel loved and cherished on a physical level after weeks apart?

Does your workplace offer any ideas and or assistance on this issue?

In my search for answers and my commitment to provide relevant research and information each post I offer up this link from the US real warriors website which although aimed at return defense people I think has some helpful hints for us all.

I’d love to know what works for you and your family.


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