Relationships – how they work – or why they don’t

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s wonderful to know that more research with a focus on FIFO and it’s impact on personal relationships is being conducted. This week a survey has been established to collect data from both the FIFO worker and the FIFO partner about the intimacies of their relationship.

Yes.. that being the good the bad and the ugly. Once collated this research will be used by Central Queensland University’s Amy Chapman, to write an honour’s thesis on the impact of FIFO/DIDO work practices on intimate relationships.

Looking at relationships and how they work or why they don’t is a welcome focus for FIFO research and an essential topic that needs to be further explored as FIFO work place practices expand across industries. This relationship debate is equally relevant in the broader community as many people now tend to work longer hours and spend less time talking to or being present with their nearest and dearest.

I’m sure the findings of Amy’s research will shed light on the complex issue of modern relationships where couples and increasingly the kids – juggle work, family, social, sporting and intellectual pursuits simultaneously.

It’s my hunch that the issue of not being present to our beloved, the lack of dedicated time, space and scheduled practices around relationship will be the underlying cause of many of the relationship issues that surface in FIFO and non FIFO relationships today.

If you would like to participate in Central Queensland University’s survey on FIFO/DIDO relationships check out these links.

So, what do you think makes your relationship work? How have you navigated the tricky path to creating a relationship where both FIFO worker and FIFO partner at home feel loved, valued and supported? What is the single most effective way you keep your relationship on track?


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