Sharing and the support it gives


Children support each other instinctively and especially in times of need or when one is afraid. Why as adults do we try to do so many things without sharing the load or without support?

The FIFO family research project has always been about sharing information and findings that relate to the FIFO discussion because this sharing is my way of supporting and acknowledging the hundreds of thousands of mainly women who are managing FIFO families for long periods alone.

In recent days I have been overwhelmed by the support that has come from the FIFO “support” community in response to my sharing. I see this free, gifted, non-agended response to my human communication as the glue that keeps society together at a time when we are connected to everything all the time but are often isolated, lonely and deeply deeply in need of human acknowledgement on a very personal level.

Acknowledgement, communication, empathy, support, education and community are the steps that build strength in any individual or collective. When we are supported even in the smallest way we feel part of something, we begin to know that our experiences either good, bad or indifferent are not isolated but are common, universal and therefore shared. With that sense of support we are no longer invisible, alone or doing it on our own.  With acknowledgement and support comes a deep inner acceptance of the validity of our experience as women.   With trust in our own experience we can be stronger and extend out – thus creating support, opportunity and ultimately understanding to/with others which in turn continues to support us.

Sharing our ideas our thoughts and our support are free gifts we can and should give daily.

Today I share a list of FIFO/Support focused pages I’ve found on Facebook. If you know of others please let me know and I’ll add them to my list. How do you feel supported? Who supports you? How do you support others?


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