FIFO Families support network

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One of the first FIFO organizations I came across when I began looking into the FIFO family situation back in 2012 was FIFO families. What started as an idea in one FIFO wife’s head is now the most significant FIFO support network across Australia and New Zealand. Nicole Ashby is the dedicated, diligent and determined woman behind FIFO Families. As the industry grows the organization she founded in her kitchen is becoming more necessary and increasingly the go to platform for industry, government and service providers keen to look at the invisible army that supports FIFO workers. I am thrilled to have spoken to Nicole and to hear her passion and determination to ensure that the FIFO family is considered, planned for and acknowledge as FIFO workers increase across all employment platforms.

In every state, town and territory across Australia a FIFO families support group can be found or if not already in existence you can set one up and get connected. Grassroots support on a physical level starts with one person and the FIFO families support network can help that start to happen. Check out their website and join today for free online support, forums, education and ideas on all things FIFO.



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