Current media portrayal dehumanizes FIFO workers

The Weekend Australian’s front page story about opposition to a proposed FIFO accommodation site in NSW appears to tell only half the story. Once again we are given the same line about how these “FIFO” will disrupt, disturb etc the local community and local families. What worries me about the way FIFO workers are constantly portrayed is the lack of identity and distance that happens when people are only talked about as groups or collectives. With thousands of individuals only ever talked about as a mass, or group the FIFO workforce is being dehumanize in many reports. What this serves to do is create an unrealistic distance between non FIFO and THEM FIFO.  In my view the worry is that FIFO workers become the unidentified enemy of the rest of Australia in such reports and become something/someone to be feared. What in fact is the truth is that all FIFO workers have families and surprise surprise they want the best for their families too!

I wonder how long it will take before some courageous reporter decides to give a name, a face and a humanity to the thousands of FIFO workers who are being painted as the demon and the enemy of good family people in most if not all media coverage on the FIFO debate at the moment?


Link to the article in The Australian June 1 2 2013


One thought on “Current media portrayal dehumanizes FIFO workers

  1. Rohan

    This ‘courageous reporter’ is seen in my eyes in the Australian artist Andy Quilty whose recent body of work ‘FIFO’ works to humanise those involved. I recommend a Google search of his work… you will not be disappointed.


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