House of Representatives Standing committee report into FIFO etc


Above is the link to the House of Representatives web page where you can down load a copy of the paper emotively entitles “Cancer of the Bush or Salvation for our Cities”. This document recorded the findings that came out of the investigation into FIFO workplace practices and its impact on regional Australia. The tone of the document is set in its title and with Tony Windsor prompting the inquiry its clear that not too many positives were mentioned about this growing workplace phenomenon. The overriding message of the paper is that the data the committee was able to obtain was inadequate and or too theoretical in nature to provide an accurate picture of what is really happening in the lives of FIFO workers and their families today.


If you are an FIFO worker or FIFO partner with family or know an FIFO family I urge you to pass this blog on or take the time to complete the growing number of surveys that are presently calling for participants. Here is the current list I am aware of as at today!

1. FIFO workers – Creating communities and FIFO families WA

2. FIFO workers – WA lifeline survey

3. FIFO workers and FIFO families – Murdoch University WA

4. FIFO Parents – University of Queensland


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